Aldana was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has been working in media for 15 years, combining her skills both in production and in content development.

In 2011, Aldana and her partner, Marcelo Fernández, founded their TV production company, called Dos Pandas. For more than a year, they have done a live daily show with simultaneous broadcasts all over the country called “Vivo en Argentina”, which aired on TV Pública. Dos Pandas also produced “Dos Acordes”, a music show hosted by local rock star Kevin Johansen, and “Los Fuegos en París”, a cooking show hosted by Argentina's most renowned chef, Francis Mallmann. The company has also been responsible for "Un viaje a la Tierra de Fuego" at AMC's El Gourmet, starring chef Soledad Nardelli, and the two seasons of  "El Banquete", a cooking program featuring the Petersen Brothers, in which they cook for 120 people in the open, with astounding backdrops. Another cooking show, "Sabores y Postales", is hosted by chef Martiniano Molina and was premiered in 2015 in Acua Federal. Molina travels all around Argentina interviewing personalities of the arts and culture born in each province, while cooking with organic local produce for them and their friends and family. Dos Pandas is also behind "Chicas en NY TV", produced for FWTV.TV, a hip guide of NYC made for women, hosted by the ultra-followed blogger, Andy Clar. 

In 2013, Aldana and Marcelo decided to launch a company in the US, and started Pink Panda Productions. They have produced two shows for AMC's Cosmopolitan TV Latin America, "#Tan Cosmo", a fashion and lifestyle show hosted by Mónica Fonseca and shot in NYC, Miami, Mexico City and Buenos Aires; and "Hombre Cosmo 2014", a reality show to choose the Cosmo Man of the Year, shot at the beautiful beaches of Mexico's West Coast. 

Aldana has a degree in Journalism and Communications completed at the Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires. During the Summer of 2012, she also earned a Filmmaking Certificate at NYU SCPS, for which she wrote, produced and directed two short films, "Timeful(l)" and "Good", the last one premiered at London´s Raindance Film Festival in 2014. She has also studied digital photography at ICP (International Center of Photography) in New York City.

Aldana started working as a TV producer in La Cornisa and Endemol Argentina. She later became Assistant Director of "Fotografías", a documentary by the prestigious Argentine filmmaker Andrés Di Tella, with whom she also worked with in the organization of panels and programming of the Princeton Documentary Festival and the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival.

Between 2007 and 2011, she was part of Promofilm Argentina's International Department, in which she developed ideas for new shows and adapted existing formats both for the Latin American and US Hispanic markets. She was the Executive Producer of the award-winning “Recurso Natural”, a show on environmental issues, and also of  “El conquistador del fin del mundo”, a popular reality show aired in the Spanish network ETB. She also worked as Country Coordinator in a version of this show for Greece's Mega TV, as Date Producer in Fox´s “Temptation Island” for Bulgaria's Nova TV, and was the Project Manager of several Latin American museum and monument audio guides commissioned by Antenna Audio, amongst others.

Most recently, in 2016, Aldana worked freelance for Peppermind TV, a production company for which she did the Executive Production of the Swedish (Discovery), Danish and Argentine (TELEFE) versions of  "Wild Things", a Zodiak format created by a UK company for Sky. She also was Executive Producer of "La Colección", a fashion reality show hosted by Pia Slapka, created Adolfo Dominguez, the Spanish designer, signature brand and TELEFE

Aldana also wrote for La Nación, one of Argentina's most important newspapers, and was editor of “Write On!”, a youth magazine of the Buenos Aires Herald.