Dos Pandas

In 2011, Marcelo Fernández and I founded our TV production company, called Dos Pandas. For more than a year, we have done a live daily show with simultaneous broadcasts all over the country called “Vivo en Argentina”, which aired on TV Pública. Dos Pandas also produced “Dos Acordes”, a music show hosted by local rock star Kevin Johansen, and “Los Fuegos en París”, a cooking show hosted by Argentina's most renowned chef, Francis Mallmann. The company also developed and produced "Un viaje a la Tierra de Fuego" at AMC´s El Gourmet, starring chef Soledad Nardelli, and the two seasons "El Banquete", a  cooking reality show featuring the Petersen Brothers. Dos Pandas also produced Martiniano Molina's "Sabores y Postales", a road-trip, interview and cooking show shot all around Argentina.